About us

Infrastructure is a major sector that propels overall development of the Indian economy. The Secretariat for Infrastructure in the Planning Commission is taking care of initiating policies that would ensure time-bound creation of world class infrastructure in the country. These policies are sustainable considering the growth required over a long term period. Power, bridges, dams, roads and urban infrastructure constitutes major part of infrastructure domain. Considering the penetration of digital technology in the human life, connected strongly through next generation network, there is growing demand of value added services and facilities from modern infrastructure. Smart buildings, smart roads, smart bridges, green power, safe and efficient dams are the needs of the time. These solutions and ideas are not very new for a developed country. But when it comes to India; successful technology solution deployments needs very different attentions. Work culture, Living style, socio-political issues, paying capacity, availability of the raw material, skilled manpower, trained labour and many such continent specific issues put major constraint to make it a success story. These factors also make it very difficult to deploy the solutions in the developed country directly to Indian continent. The success can come only if the solution is developed indigenously to suit Indian conditions. No one can deny the potential and need of technology solution in Indian infrastructure industry today.


Unisoul primarily focuses on Technology solutions for "infrastructure management, automation and security & safety systems" industry which covers system integration, operation and support, indigenous embedded product development for unique solutions and to create a brand value in this domain. Our activities include but not limited to intelligent transport systems (ITS) like highway traffic management, tolling systems, urban traffic management, fleet management, parking management, tunnel & bridge management as individual ITS modules as well as comprehensive ITS solutions. We also specialize in Automation systems for civil and industrial infrastructure and resource management solutions for infrastructure industry. Unisoul’s long term objectives are through our R&D team and market research team suggesting potential markets to venture into like defence sector.


Business Model

All Infrastructure Projects have Government interventions, regulations, Political instability effects at the same time it’s an important necessity for the nation. Major concerns are the trained and skilled low wedges labour for deployment and maintenance of the systems on the field. Proven technology and designed for India products at affordable cost and efficient operations management is the key to success in Indian market. Business modelled for accommodating the uncertainties and delays at the government level.

Unisoul Business Model is based upon our strong research and development background constantly striving to bring innovative products to the market with unique offerings. Our long experience with the infrastructure industry and continual involvement helps us understand primary and secondary requirements related to civil and industrial infrastructure along with pressing issues that need to be addressed in indigenous scenarios. Because of continuously arising requirements we also take up requirement based projects or product development as an off shore development centre as well as joint development as per needs.


R & D Strength

  • Experienced personnel with proven track record in R&D and products field
  • Advisory board consisting of eminent scientists from Research field
  • A conducive environment and maturity for R&D>
  • Institutional tie-ups and post-graduate, doctoral students working as interns on unique problem statements
  • A unique approach to research with least possible interference
  • Segregation of Research and Development Teams
  • Development Teams process driven and market oriented
  • Implementation of unique solutions from research team with actual product
  • Defined time-to-market for products or product modules
  • Focus on ergonomics, aesthetics and user experience of products
  • Highly experienced team with designs delivered in industrial & consumer market
  • Works in proximity with R&D Team from requirement gathering stage

Our Expertise

Electronics Design and Development – PLC, FPGA based or Microcontroller based.

  • Electronic Circuit Design, PCB Design and Prototyping
  • FPGA based system design with VHDL & Verilog Modelling
  • Device Driver Development
  • Protocol Stack Design, Simulation and Implementation
  • Firmware Development
  • Assembly and Embedded programming
  • Quality Control and Regulatory Compliances

Software Architecture and working with standard SDLC methodologies

  • Project Management with Waterfall, RAD & Prototyping, Agile Scrum, and Lean as situation demands with standard templates on management server
  • Designs mostly based on N-tier architecture with generic components
  • Requirement study and Planning based on standard or customized templates
  • Data modelling resulting in database design and implementation
  • Software User Interface and Software User Experience Design & Modelling
  • Implementation using optimized code and performance tuned algorithms
  • Risk management and mitigation with contingency planning
  • Software Testing, Quality Control and Assurance

System Architecture and System Integration with networking

  • Integrating hardware and software sub systems with standard methodologies
  • Standard protocol implementation for all communication
  • IT Infrastructure and Network planning based on requirement study
  • Architecture prototyping and validation before project commencement

User Experience & Product Design with Product Packaging

  • Specialized Design Consultants over-looking every aspect of product
  • Ergonomics and Aesthetic design consideration based on product’s target user
  • User Experience modelling based on target user base

Hardware and Electronics

  • Microprocessor based boards - ARM Cortex Series, Intel Atom x86 series
  • Microcontrollers - ARM, PIC, Motorola
  • PLC and FPGA based on
  • Embedded Programming Languages -
  • Embedded Programming Tools -
  • Simulation Tools – Matlab,

IT Infrastructure

  • FreeSWITCH and Asterisk VoIP Server
  • Team Foundation Server for project & code management
  • cvs and git server
  • IIS and Apache Web Servers with plugins/extensions
  • Document Management Server, vtiger CRM Server, and many other internally developed server applications.
  • Network Infrastructure implementation and configuration from L2, L3 to application layer.

Software Development

  • Programming Languages: High level OS specific assembly, Shell scripting, C and C++ (on multiple platforms), XAML for GUI design, C#.NET with WPF and WCF, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Mono, GTK+, Qt, Java, HTML4&5 with CSS for responsive design, JavaScript, PHP, AJAX.
  • Programming & Testing Tools: Nano and vi editor in Linux, Visual Studio 2005 to 2013, Eclipse, Netbeans, GLADE, Qtdesigner, KDevelop, MonoDevelop, Aptana Studio for Web development, network and communication protocol simulation tools like NS2 & OMNET++, Testing: TDD based with Coded UI Tests and Testing Tools like MTM, NUnit, and various load testing tools.
  • Database: Native MS-Access, MS-SQL, MySQL up to 5.5, Oracle 11g, MongoDB with NoSQL.
  • Packages and Libraries: jquery, node.js, angular.js, dojo, communication libraries for many protocols.
  • Frameworks and SDKs: Entity Framework, pjsip SDK for VoIP, Google API, and many more to integrate hardware devices and for third party communication.
  • Design Tools: AutoCAD, GIMP, MS-Visio, MS-Office.
  • IT, Embedded Electronics Products through Product and Process Engineering
  • Product based services and consulting
  • Automation Products