Industrial Automation

Food Grain SILO Complex Automation

  • There is announcement of total 36 locations for capacity of 50000MT Capacity silo complexes across India.
  • Automation potential is worth 300Cr. Including Operations and maintenance.

Important Factors

  • All Project have Government interventions, regulations, Political instability effects at the same time it is a important necessity for the nation
  • Being DBOO project, expected to be exempted from some delays
  • Major concerns are the trained and skilled low wedges labor for deployment and maintenance of the systems on the eld.
  • Proven technology and designed for India products at affordable cost + efcient operations management is the key to success in Indian market. Business needs to be modeled for accommodating the uncertainties and delays at the government level.

Food Processing Industry Automation

The system based on individual sensors talking to a sink node, in variable wireless network configuration provide various insights and possible control in the future over various parameters like temperature control, BRICS ratings, constituent ratios, quality and quantity monitors with data and reports on the cloud if required to be accessible from any location.