Intelligent Transportation Systems

    Intelligent Transportation System covers Tolling Systems, Highway Traffic Management, Urban Traffic Management, Parking Management, Tunnel Management, Fleet Management, and associated disaster management systems. There is a consistent effort in road development program with NHDP, multi-laning of roads, development of ring roads, bypasses, service roads, etc. The road safety records and statistics being dismal will be the major focus in the years to come. This is only possible through indigenous solutions proven to work in conditions prevalent on the road-ways in India. ITS covers all aspects of the road industry to provide a complete live scenario of the roads to the roadway operators with a plethora of information and analytics ensuring safe, speedy travel for the road users. The convenience to road users and efficiency in travel times ultimately reducing pollution levels achieved through intelligent systems are un-paralleled.

ITS Line - Tolling and HTMS

  • Tolling Systems
  • Automated vehicle classification, transit control, billing and audit as per vehicle classification at toll plaza. Complete end-to-end tolling solution along with optional weigh in motion system or alternative auditing systems.

  • Highway Traffic Management
  • Consisting of Emergency Call booths placed at every 1-2 k.m. to enable road users to contact control room, Variable Message signage placed strategically to provide information to road users, weather monitoring systems to monitor driving conditions, automatic traffic counter classifiers to monitor traffic volume, live video based surveillance systems to monitor traffic incidents & violations, mobile radio communication system for highway operator’s inter-personnel communication; all are primary sub-systems of HTMS. These sub-systems are intended to provide speedy and safe travel for the road user and reduce response times during incidents while keeping traffic flowing.

    1. Emergency Call Booth
    2. ECB is an Audio calling device on the highway based on VoIP operating on multiple network backbones like Ethernet over Fiber, GSM. It provides seamless and clear communication between road user and highway control room for ensuring minimum response time to assistance.

    3. Variable Message Signage
    4. VMS based on LED lighting technology provide information for various events or conditions which can be automated, preset or manually set. Depending on requirements VMS can be of customizable size and customizable colours, with gantry, cantilever or alternative mounting mechanisms.

    5. Meteorological Station
    6. The MET station provides live weather information – temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, road surface temperature and visibility. These parameters help in understanding safe driving conditions to enforce dynamic speed limits or inform road users of the best possible driving condition.

    7. Automatic Traffic Counter cum Classifier
    8. The ATCC units installed at main entrance and exit of road way, as well as all entries and exits of roadway provide real time traffic information with detailed statistics and insights which help the roadway operator take decisions to ensure a smooth traffic flow or even optimize traffic flow.

    9. Surveillance based Incident Detection System
    10. Our IDS based on indigenously developed image processing algorithms with self-learning capability provide instant alerts to pre-identified events like traffic congestion, sudden vehicle deceleration, and vehicle stopped on road, traffic violations like lane cutting or over-speeding, transverse crossing, and many more.

    All above components integrated into a single GUI based on SCADA software indigenously developed by Unisoul in-house provide unlimited reporting capabilities with analytics that can help you improve and optimize usage of road ways ensuring an impeccable safety record. We provide complete end-to-end solutions for HTMS including fiber optic or wireless networking and civil work, IT Infrastructure setup, training with our partners.