Inventory Management Tracker

InTrack Suite

InTrack is an intelligent application specially designed to handle and track down material flow and to create the track record of every single transaction at your inventory, not only with the help of latest technology but also with unique methodology. This application is designed to cope with present as well as future business needs and extremely useful, especially for Infrastructure industries, where inventories are at remote locations or at construction sites making them more vulnerable for malfunction practices. Unisoul Inventory Tracking System is a powerful application that enables user full remote visual monitoring, with the help of proprietary designed and manufactured electronic device like AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification) and our powerful software programs for remote monitoring. Unisoul Inventory Tracking system is a suite of integrated software application with electronics devices like:

  • Automatic Vehicle Identification Devices (AVI) to identify Goods Carrying vehicles
  • Incidence Capturing System to cross check in-out of vehicle flow with time stamp
  • Electronic Weighbridge for accurate weighing
  • Intelligent Software (IVS) programs for daily transactions
  • Live Remote Monitoring facility that enables User to keep close watch on inward and outward entries of goods carrying vehicles or goods, from anywhere in the world

Important Features

  • Totally integrated application with Weighbridge, AVI unit, Cameras and Magnetic loop sensors.
  • Application keeps track of each “In and Out” vehicle from the plant area, 24x7 with the help of AVI system.
  • Generates GRN with actual time stamped photograph of the vehicles
  • Magnetic loop sensor provided to track down manipulation, if any, which generally takes while taking load/unload weight of the vehicle.
  • Application gives comparison chart of Site/location wise expected and actual consumption of the material.
  • Online remote monitoring as powerful third eye to keep close watch on every single transaction.
  • User level authentication to restrict unauthorized access to the data.
  • Facility to migrate data at HO (Head Office) from all the plant for the analysis and verification purpose.
  • Auditing of the in out vehicles and transactions at site location as well as at head office.
  • Provided with database backup facility.
  • Easy to use and operation.

The Application is designed for construction activity record of any real time property like Roadways construction, Bridge construction or any other civil construction Site. It can also be used at factory, warehouse, check post, or basically any location that requires a separate store department. The application is a 24x7 working system and generates hard copy and soft data for analysis of higher management.