Offshore Development

At Unisoul Premises

Infrastructure industry often comes up with unique problem statements, most of which can be addressed through a proper system based on embedded products and software working either on the premises or on the cloud. These problem statements derive into millions of products. We offer specific requirements based support and act as an offshore development centre for your products. Whether it is one product or a product line, based on understanding, we offer end-to-end product development solutions from requirement gathering, planning, product design, implementation, production, quality assurance and control, product packaging, to deployment with service and support as per your needs.

Joint Development

Already have your product / development / implementation team?

Need issue based support? Need specific module out sourcing?

We can help you fill in the gaps for your products as partner in a joint development centre (JDC) setup. The JDC works as a premise for all personnel related to a specific product working through process driven methodologies to achieve product goals. Specific needs like hardware and electronics design, embedded programming, product design, software design, algorithm design, networking and IT infrastructure, issue based consulting etc. can be addressed to fill in the gaps where specific expertise is required for your organization.